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STAR Acrylic Powders

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Mia Secret STAR Acrylic Powder is developed and produced in the United States. It is the perfect choice for students, beginners, and experienced nail technicians. Its true-clear tone makes perfect for encapsulating and creating translucid effects. Its formula provides ideal consistency, activation time, superior adhesion, and long-lasting when combined with MIA SECRET LIQUID MONOMER. Its non-yellowing formula prevents discoloration. This acrylic powder performs properly even under low temperatures, making it reliable all year long. It has a self-leveling formula that requires minimum filing. STAR Acrylic Powder is easy to remove with a nail file or drill.


STAR Acrylic Powders give that extra sparkle to your nails!


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Carlie Cronbaugh
Very good consistency

Sometimes when acrylics are too runny it makes shaping more difficult but Mia Secret never disappoints.