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Cover Acrylic Powder

Shop Mia Secret cover acrylic powder today. Our cover nude and pink acrylic powders provide ideal consistency, activation time, superior adhesion, and are long-lasting when combined with Mia SECRET LIQUID MONOMER. Its non-yellowing formula prevents discoloration. This acrylic powder performs properly even under low temperatures, making it reliable all year long. It has a self-leveling formula that requires minimum filing. Cover Acrylic Powder is easy to remove with a nail file or drill.

At Mia Secret, we make it easy to stock up on all your must-have nail supplies. Our collection of cover acrylic powders is perfect for nail enthusiasts of all skill levels. We also have membership plans for consumers and licensed nail technicians to find great discounts and other perks. Find professional-grade products to use at your salon or grab one or two of your favorite colors to do your nails at home. Want to grow your salon skills? Check out our classes, workshops, and other educational opportunities. You can find anything you need to up your nail game when you shop the pinks, nudes, and natural acrylic nail powders at Mia Secret today.


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