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Clear & Pink Acrylic Powder Kit


  • gel diy fake nail cleaner liquid acrylic brush remove residue mia secret set kolinsky sable brushes liquid monomer build up powder scented lilac oil infused natural scent product professional salon care pro polish manicure formula shimmery glittery collection peach natural golden baby pink
  • Easy and Hassle free to use
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Great for Acrylic nail art
  • Mia secret products leaves you with long-lasting salon-quality nails at affordable prices

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacqueline Carrasco

It's ok to have your nails done it last me a week I wish they gave more acrylic liquid..but for the price is good to tryout

Lana L.
Easy for beginners

This kit is very easy to use and get the hang of. I’m still a beginner so I think this kit was really good to use.

Uylissa Mendoza

Good for beginners

Isabella Pina
Clear & Pink Acrylic Powder Kit

The kit was alright the main thing I didn’t like was the brush it was very hard to work with and instead of giving a size 8 they should give a size 10 brush. Other than that it was fine except the monomer was a small size so it finished very quickly.

Thank you for your feedback, Isabella. We include a #8 brush because based on statistical data, is the most common size used by beginners. The brush quality not as good as a pure kolinsky brush, because this kit is intended for beginners. Therefore, the kit must be affordable. Once the users gain more experience, they can opt for a high- end brush without the risk of ruin it.☺️

Janette Perez
Clear & Pink Acrylic Powder Kit

Great for first time learners.