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Hair Removal Wax

Mia Secret offers a hair removal wax system formulated with synthetic resins, emollients, and natural oils to soothe, moisturize, hydrate, and protect the skin while helping you look and feel your best. Our waxing products come in a variety of options, including creams, gels, and roll-on wax, to suit your specific needs and preferences. We also sell professional wax warmers to help you achieve high-quality results every time.

Mia Secret is your go-to shop for salon-quality products. Whether you want to achieve silky smooth skin from the comfort of your own home or shop for products for your salon or spa, we have you covered. We also offer membership plans for salon professionals to find discounts for all our top-quality products. So why wait? Shop Mia Secret's hair removal wax and wax warmers today and experience the difference for yourself!


Tipo de producto
Ahorra 6%
Cream Wax
$17.00 $18.00
Elastic Wax
$17.00 $18.00
Ahorra 6%
Gel Wax
$17.00 $18.00
Ahorra 5%
Ahorra 5%
Post-Wax Massage Oil
De $20.00 $21.00
Ahorra 6%
Pre-Wax Cleanser
De $16.00 $17.00
Ahorra 5%
Roll-On Wax Warmer
$55.00 $58.00
Ahorra 5%
Wax Warmer Cleaner
De $18.00 $19.00
Ahorra 5%
Wax Warmers
De $59.00 $62.00