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Foot Spa Products

Looking for a way to unwind and pamper tired feet after a long day? Look no further than Mia Secret's amazing collection of foot spa products! From luxurious massage oils to hydrating body lotions, our range of spa essentials has everything you need to give yourself the TLC you deserve. Whether you’re investing in self-care or stocking up on rejuvenating products for your spa or salon, our body spa products are just what you need. They use high-quality, environmentally friendly, and nourishing solutions. So why not treat your entire body to the Mia Secret experience today and see the difference for yourself? Kick back, relax, and let our body and foot spa products work their magic!


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Sugar Scrub
De $20.00 $21.00
Ahorra 5%
Creamy Mask
De $20.00 $21.00
Ahorra 5%
Mineral Salt
De $20.00 $21.00
Ahorra 7%
Body Lotion
De $14.00 $15.00
Ahorra 6%
Jasmine Massage Oil
De $15.00 $16.00