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Mastering Polymia: From Application to 3-D Designs

The ultimate hybrid of acrylic and gel, Mia Secret Polymia is a poly gel, which blends the control and strength of acrylic with the odor-free, curing formula of a gel. Ideal for clients who are rough on their enhancements, including lifting and cracking, Polymia holds up for 3+ weeks of wear. And, it makes creating three-dimensional designs so easy!

In this class, you’ll learn:

1.    Introduction to Polymia: Understand how the product works and performs.

2.   Nail Prep: Proper nail preparation is essential to the wearability of any nail enhancement, including Polymia.

3.     Application Techniques: Master the art of Polymia application with our exclusive tips and tricks that will ensure stellar results.

4.     Creating Extensions: Learn how to use Polymia to extend the natural nail and create the perfect shape.

5.     Troubleshooting: Tackle common problems with Polymia application and wear. All of your questions will be answered!

6.     Adding Art with Polymia: Learn how to use Polymia to create design elements, including lace effects and three-dimensional art.

7.     Forming Florals: Polymia and our 4D Plastiline makes creating flowers a breeze! If you’ve struggled with sculpting florals with acrylic, these techniques will change the way you think of making 3-D flowers!



Russian Manicure Done Right


There’s been a lot of buzz around the Russian Manicure technique lately. While the results leave cuticles pristine and clean, when done incorrectly, it can also create problems for the client. In this class, we’ll teach you the right way to perform a Russian Manicure that will not only ensure results, but safeguard you and your client from any complications


In this class you’ll learn:

1.     Introduction to the Russian Manicure: Learn what is entailed in this type of manicure and explore the techniques used.

2.     Nail Anatomy and Health: Understanding the parts of the nail and surrounding skin is imperative when doing any kind of nail prep, whether for a standard manicure or Russian.

3.     Nail Prep: We’ll walk you through the steps that essential for prepping the nail for any kind of nail coating.

4.     Tool Selection: Choosing the proper tools is imperative to a Russian Manicure, and we’ll show you which tools you need to have in your kit.

5.     Cuticle Care: Too aggressive cuticle care is a recipe for a health mishap. Here, we’ll walk you through gentle yet effective techniques for cleaning up the cuticles.

6.     E-File Fundamentals: While it may seem counterintuitive, using an e-file for cuticle prep can be super gentle and make the process easier. We’ll show you which bits to use, speed and techniques.

7.     Smooth Surfaces: Smoothing and buffing are key to creating that beautiful finish, and we’ll show you how to achieve those results using the right tools and techniques.

8.     Removing Residue: A simple swipe of cleanser from the nail plate is not enough to ensure a debris- and residue-free surface; thorough cleansing is important and we’ll show you how.

9.     Cuticle Creams and Oils: With so many products geared toward cuticle care, it can be confusing to know which to use when. We’ll break it all down for you!

10.  Tips and Tricks for Flawless Results: The Russian Manicure can be tricky, so we’ll make sure to answer all your questions to ensure flawless results. 

This class is divided in two sessions, morning and evening. Each session can be taken individually, or as a full-day class at a discounted price if you book both. 


What's included: 

  • Diploma of Participation
  • Product Kit worth $150+
  • Gift bag
  • $25 Mia Secret Store Gift Card 


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