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Global Nail Championship is a Nail Competition organized and sponsored by Mia Secret. Nail Technicians, and nail artists showcase their designs for a chance to win prizes. Brand affiliation is not required, anyone can participate.

Global Nail Championship Rules




Mia Secret Educators, Mia Secret Lovers.


  • Salon Trends
  • Extreme Artistic Photo Poster


Difficulty Levels:

Intermediate – set made on one hand (5 nails)

Advanced – set made on both hands (10 nails)



1st Place

2dn Place

3rd Place

Who can participate:

  • All Mia Secret Lovers who are experienced nail artists, nail art enthusiasts or educators, and work mostly with Mia Secret Products.
  • All Mia Secret Educators.
  • Experienced nail artists or nail enthusiasts.
  • Winners of Prior Championships (2020/2021)

Registry form:



Inscription Requirements:

  • Each participant must sign a waiver authorizing Mia Secret, to publish, broadcast, show, or use his/her artwork as the company chooses to, in case it is selected as a winner.
  • In the event your Nail Artwork is selected as a winner, the price is equivalent to a payment for your project.
  • None of the winner's Nail Artworks can participate in any other beauty or art contests, under any circumstances.
  • There is no limit to the number of participants, in case this situation changes, participants will be notified on time by the company.
  • At least the 50% of the total products used in your project, must be Mia Secret's. You can use alternative accessories such as crystals or decorations.


  • Under no circumstances, can any of the participant artworks violate or represent any infringement to copyright laws. Please make sure before submitting any material, it is in full compliance with such laws.
  • Keep in mind, any of the juries can ask you at any stage of the contest to demonstrate that your artwork was made by yourself, so we strongly recommend all participants to keep a record of the making up process.


  • Make sure no products other than Mia Secret’s are displayed or advertised anywhere on the images. If there are any, you will be immediately disqualified.
  • The only valid subscription confirmation is that one sent to you via WhatsApp or E-mail by us, so make sure you don't delete the message.



  • Mia Secret's Vice President
  • Marketing and PR Department.
  • Tom Bachik (U.S. Celebrity Manicurist) 


Subscription Fees:

  • $15.00 for each category, or $25 if participating in both.
  • Payment Method: Paypal/ Debit Cards.

**It's required the account and/or card used to complete the transaction, is registered under the participant's name. In case you belong to any of our authorized distributors teams, the distributor or another team member can make the payment on your behalf.


 International Mia Secret's Educators authorized to make payment on behalf of third-parties:

  • Blanca Martínez
  • Eva Montelongo
  • Yulibeth Saenz / Tobar Saenz


Extreme Artistic Photo Poster Category

Topic: free style


  • Designs pictures must be submitted in high quality, no later than the given date, and using the platform selected by Mia Secret. If you fail to fulfill this requirement, your project could be disqualified
  • The nail set must be worn by a model, scenography or backgrounds must be consequent upon the design or topic. The picture could be a photo montage, for as long as it relates to the nails set.
  • The file must include another two pictures: a close shot, as well as a medium one. Both shots must be vertical.
  • The structures must be “Extreme” (Longer than 2.36 inch-7cm)
  • The nails decorations could be a mix of different nail art techniques, using any of the different Mia Secret's nails systems. We strongly encourage you to try working other topics than the “Floral” focused ones, as a way of stimulating your imagination, and break down monotony.
  • Accessories such as crystals or other decorations, cannot be more than the 25% of the total design/nail set. This rule won’t apply to the model's makeup, costume, backgrounds, or photo shot set.
  • The nails, hands, and model’s face shouldn't be blurred or out of focus on the picture.
  • The following body parts must be clearly showed on the picture: face, shoulders, hair, and hands (at least from the wrist and up). The torso could be exhibited if the pose requires it. Make sure no tattoos are visible on the picture.
  • All works must be accompanied by a brief description on the design and its context, as well as a Material Data Sheet, including the techniques used (makeup and costume ones too) with a reference picture.


Evaluation Criteria.

1.-Visual Impact & Graphic Quality

2.- Make Up & Costume

3.-Model and Characterization

4.-Photo Production


 Salon Trends Category. Gel Designs (Short nails)

  • The artwork for this category must be minimalist.
  • Difficulty Level:

Intermediate: 5 nails.

Advanced: 10 nails.


  • The following nail art systems can be used: Polymia, Formagel, Bio Builder Gel (Acrylic System cannot be used in this category).
  • The length of the nails free edge cannot be longer than 0.39-1 cm of an inch.
  • Designs can be made on top of the nail surface, nail tip or structural form.
  • Nail tips shape could be square, round, or oval for as long as it isn't longer than 0.39 of an inch.
  • Evaluation criteria is going to be particularly focused on cuticle area, eponychium, and paronychia cleanliness.
  • Decorations could be made from Gelux, Gel Paint, blooming Gel, etc.
  • Mini bites, Swarovski crystals, glitters, and metallic flakes can be used as well, for as long as they don't exceed the 20% of the total design.
  • At least one of the following features must be evident in the design structure: either delicate, innovative, or artistic (ideally the three of them).
  • All pictures must be submitted in High Quality, well illuminated and every detail on your design and nails structures. This way we can use them for banners and other big format materials.


Evaluation Criteria:

1.- Skin Cleanliness.

2.- High Arches (apex)

3.- Graphic Quality.

4.- Balance.

5.- Originality and creativity.

6.- Elegance.

7.- Top Finish.

8.- Visual Impact.

9.- Design Harmony.

10.- Difficulty Level.


Prizes will be cash payments that Mia Secret offers to those participants whose Projects are selected as winners, on exchange for the copyright and advertising rights over the images or graphic materials submitted by them.