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Acrylic Nail Designs To Try This Holiday Season

Acrylic Nail Designs To Try This Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect nail art to complement all your best festive looks? Find inspiration with these acrylic nail designs to try this holiday season.
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Guide to Top Coat Nail Polish: Everything You Should Know

Guide to Top Coat Nail Polish: Everything You Should Know

Using your top coat effectively is the key to a long-lasting manicure. Learn everything you should know about top coat nail polish with this guide.
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Must-Know Tips for Properly Using Acrylic Nail Powders

Must-Know Tips for Properly Using Acrylic Nail Powders

Are you looking for ways to improve your acrylic nails? Brush up on some key steps with these must-know tips for properly using acrylic nail powders.
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8 Fall Nail Trends You Should Be Creating Now

Nail artists know that there’s nothing like a new season to get the creative juices flowing—and this fall, the sky’s the limit. For 2021, nail trends call for everything from muted neutrals to amazing nail art, and everything in between. The best part about the wide variety of looks is that you’ll certainly find a fit for every client. So, pull out your gel polishes and grab your detail brush, it’s time to start creating!


1 Forest Green

The ultimate in earthy tones, forest green is taking center stage this fall. While we saw plenty of brighter lime and avocado shades in the spring and summer, this season, green is going more luxe—think: emerald with a hint of shimmer, like the gem itself. Double coat shorter nails for a look that’s simply chic, or use the rich tone as a base for nail art.

CREDIT: @yulibethsaenzmiasecret

2 Abstract Art

Indefinable nail art marked by lines and (dare we say it) blobs was an incredibly popular trend for all of 2021. The good news for those who struggle with art? This error-proof design trend is here to stay. Make it seasonally appropriate by swapping out bright neon hues for fall tones like cranberry, dusty indigo and ochre.

CREDIT: @evamiasecret

3 Orange

No surprise here, this pumpkin hue practically lives for fall! From vivid tangerine to shimmering rust, orange tones can be remarkably versatile. Of course, a full set in a citrus shade isn’t for the feint of heart. Use it sparingly or boldly depending on your client’s taste; there’s no way to mess up this trend!


4 Matte Nudes

Nude shades for fall aren’t necessarily expected, but they’re totally on trend. The key: Match the shade to your clients’ skin tone to create the illusion of an elongated finger. Top the neutral shade with a matte coat for a simple yet chic nail

CREDIT: @miasecretmaik

5 Colored French

What’s old is new and here to stay: Clients can’t seem to get enough of colorful French tips. For clients who are married to pink-and-whites, adding that hint of color might be enough of a change. But for those who are a bit more adventurous (and possibly indecisive), use multiple colors across the 10 tips for a fun take on the “skittles” manicure trend.


CREDIT: @beautyxsteeph


6 Halloween

The most requested nail art in October is Halloween-inspired (of course!). Whether crafting cute pumpkins, stamping simple ghosts or going all out with ghouls, goblins and more, this is your opportunity to put your artistry to the test. Practice some spooky designs in advance so you’re prepared when your client asks for something celebratory.


CREDIT: @gabigavilanmiasecretpy

7 Plaid

Autumn and plaid simply go hand in hand, whether it comes to fashion or nails. If you’re not adept at line art, pull out your striping brush and start practicing. After a few swipes, you’ll get the hang of it. Play with different colors and textures; use glitter for some sparkle or add a matte topper to give the nails a fuzzy flannel effect.


CREDIT: @mercedescalderini_miasecretpy

8 Animal Prints

It’s true animal print had its heyday a couple of years ago—but guess what? It’s back. The difference this time: Instead of going all-out leopard, the print is used sparingly. Add a hint of cheetah to the corner of a couple of nails, or subtly incorporate zebra at the base of the nail. Use your creativity and have fun with it!


CREDIT: @miasecret.andrea

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