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Credit Card Authorization Form

Hello dear customer. If you have been directed to this page, is because we need additional information to complete your order. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We do this to protect valued customers like you, and our business against credit card scams and identity theft. 


  • You used a credit/debit card from a relative such as your spouse, partner, sibling, etc. Therefore, your customer name does not match the registered credit card name. 
  • You used a billing address different that the credit/debit registered address.
  • Your shipping address does not match the credit/debit billing address. This is very common, however the system might still flag the order as potential fraud.
  • You shipping address is relatively far from the location you were at the moment of placing the order. The system uses your public IP address (your phone or internet provider IP address) to measure the distance.
  • You place the order from abroad, meaning out of the United States. 


In order to verify that the order is not fraudulent, we need to verify that you physically have the card that you used to place the order, and that it matches your ID. If you used a card that is not yours, you will need to provide the card owner's ID. Again, we do this to protect our customers, and our business against credit card scams and identity theft. 

You need to fill out this PandaDoc form: 

Credit Card Authorization Form - English

Formulario de autorización para tarjeta de crédito - Español

You have the right to refuse to fill out the credit authorization form. If you choose not to fill it out, your order will be canceled, and you will receive a full refund within 3-6 business days (depending on your bank and credit/debit card issuer). If we do not hear from you in the next 72 hours, be advised that your order will be canceled, and you will receive a refund for the previously processed amount (if any), as payments for orders marked as “high risk” are not automatically collected by our payment processing system.

Read about our privacy policy here: